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Collector's Editions

Terry O'Neill: Rare and Unseen

Terry O'Neill

ISBN: 9781788840002




This 300 copy limited edition is a collector's item for lovers of Terry O'Neil's work including a print and a certificate of authenticity signed by the British photographer as well as previously unseen prints selected from his personal archive. Bowie, Frank Sinatra, Twiggy and Brigitte Bardot appear among the celebrities immortalised through the lens of Terry O'Neill. An inescapable name in Contemporary Art, he marked the history of photography with his unique gaze. Before the digital era, photographers sent physical copies to newspapers and magazines. These prints were distributed, handled, stamped, and captioned. After usage, they were filed away, thrown away or, in rare cases, returned to the photographer. Without knowing exactly what his motivation was, Terry O'Neill kept the photographs that were returned to him: "I don't know why. At the time, there was not really a reason to keep them. Nobody thought it would be worth anything in the future, let alone fifty years later. His photographs, instantly recognisable worldwide, are stunningly presented here in an ode to this art form.

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