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Collector's Editions

Levantado do Chão

José Saramago

ISBN: 9789899605008


A commemorative edition marking the 10th anniversary of the only Nobel Prize for Literature awarded to a Portuguese-speaking writer, José Saramago. The book is presented in its own box, with a portrait of the author and ten paintings by Armando Alves, a photographic series on the Alentejo and a letter by Pilar del Río, entitled Levantar-se do Chão. First published in 1980, critics consider (as did the author himself) Levantado do Chão to be the true starting point to Saramago's work. This book unveils the writer's political and social views in a portrait of anti-fascist Alentejo and the working classes fighting oppressive forces. In the words of the journalist, "there are books that have this destiny, to live inside their readers, to make them lifted and main beings". Levantado do Chão is one of those books.

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