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Collector's Editions

Charles Burns's Black Hole: The Fantagraphics Studio Edition

Charles Burns

ISBN: 9781683960485




This issue brings comic book lovers the opportunity to sit down in Charles Burn's studio and observe his creative process up close. Hypnotic, horrifying, but no less beautiful, Black Hole is one of the benchmarks of 20th and 21st century comics. This monumentally large copy includes several complete chapters from the book, as well as selected excerpts that portray Burns' aesthetic and compositional sense. His work depicts classic themes of American pop culture, where terror reigns supreme and duly highlighted by his stylised strokes and great chromatic contrasts. The Fantagraphics Studio Edition explores Burns' original artwork for the book, with exact, full-size reproductions of over 150 pages, scanned in colour to maintain their integrity. And even his flaws get shown. Dive headlong into this kaleidoscopic black hole.

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