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Anna Livia Plurabelle

James Joyce

ISBN: 0000000034817

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Have you ever wondered what your favourite writer's voice would be like? This vinyl, with a recording from 1929, is your opportunity to get closer to James Joyce. The Irish writer published his last novel, Finnegans Wake, in 1939. This idiosyncratic work took 17 years to complete. In the course of this process, the writer shared some excerpts from the book with his friend T. S. Eliot, which included the Anna Livia Plurabelle episode. At the suggestion of his publisher, Sylvia Beach, James Joyce invited the linguist Charles Kay Ogden to preface his book. Responsible for the Basic English system - a simplification of the language for learning it - and for the foundation of the Orthological Institute, in Cambridge, Ogden devoted himself to collecting recordings of writer voices, both for future memory and for studying the complexity of the English language, which resulted in the rhythmic recording of James Joyce reading Anna Livia Plurabelle. Due to the severe eye problems from which the writer suffered, the text had to be written in large letters. But the dim studio light still made it difficult for him to read. Now listen carefully, you might still be able to hear Ogden whispering parts of the text to Joyce.

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