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Collector's Editions

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland e Alice Through The Looking Glass

Lewis Carroll

ISBN: 0000000003262



7 500,00€

Let yourself be swept away by the hallucinatory Wonderland with these two limited editions of the classics written by Lewis Carroll: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Alice through the Looking Glass. The famous and immortal character, created in 1865, belongs to the collective imagination, to this day inspiring films, plays and ballets. The adventures of Alice, the exuberant Mad Hatter, the anxious White Rabbit, the enigmatic Cheshire Cat, and the imposing Queen of Hearts have all become key references in children's literature. These copies, with red and blue leather bindings and protective cases, are signed by the "real" Alice who, as a girl, inspired one of the most fantastic stories of all time. Alice Liddell was the daughter of the Dean of Christ Church at Oxford University, where Carroll studied and worked. The writer, gifted with an enormous sensitivity towards children, told stories to little Alice, in which she herself would become the main character. Each of these volumes, richly illustrated by John Tenniel, full of symbolism, results from a print-run of only 1,500 numbered copies: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is number 675/1500 and Alice Through the Looking Glass is number 1378/1500.