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Livraria Lello x Time: Amuse Bouche


Noun [C]: Light dish, usually cold, served before a meal or in between different dishes of the same meal; appetizer.

At Livraria Lello books take the form of works of art as a representation of culture and knowledge. The wonderful world of children's stories, the brutality of war, the first words of a writer, the novel of all novels, the lyricism of poetry and a dystopian vision of the future are the themes that give shape to this Amuse-Bouche.

In a close connection with the artistic installation Livraria Lello x Time: What Makes a Nobel?, this exhibition presents six rare books, that are true jewels, by three authors awarded the Swedish Academy and three by other writers that undoubtedly marked the world literature. Each of the pages of the first six editions that give life to this exhibition takes the reader through a real journey through time and space.

Just So Stories, by the Nobel Prize in Literature writer Rudyard Kipling in 1907, shows his work beyond words. In fact, the British author also distinguished himself as an artist, being the first edition of this book, created from the stories he told his daughter, illustrated with twenty-two drawings by him.

Ten years before being announced as a Nobel Prize in Literature (1962), John Steinbeck published East of Eden. The first edition of this classic of North American literature is one of the books that marks his literary production, being presented here in its first edition with the iconic original illustrated jacket.

José Saramago never liked the title given to his first book, Terra do Pecado, published in 1947. As the Nobel Prize writer in 1998 confessed, the initial title of the work would be A Viúva, changing due to the publisher's imposition.

On the cover page of Jane Austen's great novel published in 1813, Pride and Prejudice, it can be read "by the author of Sensitivity and Good Sense". Only posthumously would the author's true identity be revealed to the public.

35 Sonnets is one of the most rare works by Fernando Pessoa, being, together with the Message, one of the few books published in his lifetime. The poet, who sang the “Portuguese Sea”, lived part of his youth in South Africa, also producing part of his work in English.

The ink used on the covers of the first edition of Nineteen Eighty-Four, by the British writer George Orwell, ended up in the middle of printing, so these copies may appear with a red or green dust jacket. The book that is part of Livraria Lello's collection is one of the copies with a green dust jacket.

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