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Book Hunter (M/F)

Livraria Lello is the most iconic Portuguese bookshop and one of the most iconic in the world. Open since January 13, 1906, at Rua das Carmelitas, in Porto, the history of Livraria Lello is above all a story of daring.

In recent years, with the arrival of the Pedro Pinto family, Livraria Lello has been living a second life. First and foremost, with the launch of the innovative book discount voucher, which revolutionized the business and allowed investment in the restoration of the building, in the launch of a collection of literary classics and in a dynamic and free cultural program. We grew in book sales and in the number of visitors, and we also grew in national and international media exposure and in partnerships with major global brands.

We are not an ordinary bookstore. In addition to the purchasing, finance and store management departments, we have a marketing and communication department and even a creative director. The Book is at the center of all our work, but we perpetuate an attitude of absolute daring, starting from it for a much broader intervention in the entire cultural area. In 2019, we acquired the oldest Theater in town, the Sá da Bandeira, and, in the building adjacent to the Bookstore, a new cultural space will be born in the coming years, signed by the architect Álvaro Siza Vieira.

We don't stop dreaming and we’re constantly striving for more. We are bold and work to the same extent. We are proud of what we do and, as a Pessoa, we are restless, always charting new paths. Aware of who we are, our DNA, and what we dream of being, we establish commitments with our Community and with the World.

It is for this dreamy, restless and dynamic team that we are looking for a book hunter, an expert to help us achieve our main missions: getting the whole world to read and valuing the book as an object of art, culture, and investment.

How will your day-to-day be and what will be your responsibilities:

  • Conduct research on antique books/rare books;
  • Find opportunities to acquire true literature treasures;
  • Search about the most interesting auctions;
  • Conduct market research in the field of antique books/rare books;
  • Co-management and maintenance of the existing estate;
  • Registration of pieces and contribution to the inventory and classification of the collection;
  • Updating and maintenance of documentary records referring to the new incorporations of the estate;
  • Provide excellent service to a Premium customer;

Who we would like to be contacted by:
  • Book lovers;
  • Restless and curious spirits;
  • Rigorous and excellence-oriented profile;
  • With ability to solve problems;
  • Capable of working under pressure;
  • With a great sense of responsibility;
  • With solid knowledge of Microsoft Office;
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English (mandatory factor);
  • Proficiency in another foreign language (preferred factor);

What we have for you:
  • An evolving wage policy
  • Health insurance, extending the same conditions to your family nucleus
  • Initial and continuing training
  • A speakeasy where you can socialize with your colleagues, and have some snacks and drinks
  • Participation in environmental and social sustainable development actions
  • Privileged access to our cultural program
  • Other benefits

How can you apply:
Sending a CV to the email, putting the reference LivroAntigo-01_052022 in the subject line of the email.