Vote of grief over the death of Professor Eduardo Lourenço

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Livraria Lello is, as well as the whole Portugal and the whole letters and ideas world, mourning the death of the thinker of Portugal and Europe, Professor Eduardo Lourenço. At the age of 97, he left, but a legacy of disinterested and genuine dedication to thought and books stays. Quoting one of his famous phrases, in the work Mitologia da Saudade, "in fact, we don't have the longing, the longing has us and makes us his object". So, in this moment of grief, longing takes over us, entirely. We cannot challenge the timeline, but we can travel through it to remember the happy moments when the existence of the great Professor Eduardo Lourenço crossed with that of Livraria Lello, eternalizing a connection so close that it also made this his home.

Professor, philosopher, writer, literary critic, essayist, civic interventor, Eduardo Lourenço was one of the most prominent thinkers of Portuguese culture, arguably the greatest today. A humanist, a universal man, ahead of his time, intelligent, and with an exceptional vision. We do not wait for the moment of his departure to recognize him. In 2019, we wanted to eternalize his legacy and, for that, we gave his name to the thought and culture prize created by Livraria Lello, of which he was, so rightly, the first winner.

Today we reinforce our deep recognition for the brilliant work that made Eduardo Lourenço a unique figure in the culture and intellectuality of our country. Livraria Lello will continue to perpetuate his memory, either through the Livraria Lello Prize - Eduardo Lourenço, or, as it should be, through the books: those that it wrote and those that, edited by Livraria Lello, he prefaced.

In a restless and interventional attitude, with which we completely identify, Eduardo Lourenço always wanted more for Portugal, wanted to position it and show us how important we were and are. Everything we can do will be scarce to pay a due homage. But at Livraria Lello, we will do everything in our power to express our deep gratitude. His name and his work are already an inspiration in our daily life, so that, with that same restless and intervening attitude, we can save, protect and promote the book, whoever reads it and who writes it.

Thank you Professor Eduardo Lourenço. Rest in peace!

Livraria Lello's Administration
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