Rita Ferro has new novel on the Livraria Lello agenda

Monday, May 21, 2018

Writer Rita Ferro has a new novel in the Livraria's Lello release schedule. "A Lover in Porto" is scheduled to launch on May 24, Thursday, at 6:00 pm, in the cave of Livraria Lello.

"Um Amante no Porto" (A Lover In Porto) is a deep reflection on love and also a portrait of a period of a little boy in Porto, born of a bourgeois family, who runs through his life in a perfect state of normality until he meets Zara. This character, free and impetuous, arouses great feelings in the majority of the recently divorced Porto who is affected by a new relationship hard, startled and passionate.

Rita Ferro began her career as a copywriter in the Readers Digest Selections at the age of 20, leaving her room to write several books in her 22 years of publicity work. The Portuguese writer also collaborated in magazines and national newspapers such as Marie Claire, Ler, Semanário and Diário de Notícias, while editing works already known by the Portuguese public as "A Woman Does not Cry", "Sons of the Mother" or " Sequins". Nowadays, Rita Ferro also has participation in television and radio programs like "Who tells a tale" and "Chronicles of Scorn and Cursing".
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