Transatlantic journey through Brazilian Day in Livraria Lello

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Usually Livraria Lello promotes national days of several countries with the intention of honoring visitors and readers who visit the historic bookshop. Brazil will be no exception and it presents an intense program and with several activities and books this Friday, September 7, between the 9:30 and the 21:00.

For this program we will have the presence of Brazilian General Consul in Porto. Valter Pecly Moreira will do the bookshop's honor by opening the doors of Livraria Lello to celebrate Brazil's Independence Day at 9:30 am and will be exploring what Livraria has done at its outstanding tables among novels and poems by renowned Brazilian authors.

During the day there will be many surprises inside and outside of Livraria Lello. Capoeira with masters Barão, Chapão and Caramuru, books and poetry readings are some of the moments that will happen on September 7th.

At 7:30 pm, with free entrance but limited capacity of the bookshop, there are live music with José Daniel Santos (classic guitar) and short Guimarães Rosa's poetry moments by Lídia Verdi.

Livraria Lello regularly promotes national days in order to honor visitors and readers that come from all over the world. Check here the Independence Day of Brazil's program.
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