1. Ownership
The domain is property of Livraria Lello, SA, the head office is located in Rua das Carmelitas nº 144, 4150-161 Oporto, registered in the Company Registration Office of Oporto under the registration number 51 690 and legal entity number 530352217, with share capital of €80.000,00.
For further information regarding these Conditions of Use of the Online Sales Service, please contact Livraria Lello’s Customer Service through the following means:
- Email:
- Letter: Livraria Lello, Rua das Carmelitas, nº 144, 4150-161 Porto

2. Purpose and Fields of Application
These general sales conditions have the purpose to provide and define all available and necessary information for the user on how to order, on the sales, payment and delivery of orders made on the website These general sales conditions are the sole applicable and replace all the other conditions, except under a prior written express agreement.
The navigation on the website, as well the e-purchase of any product and/or service offered on this platform, implies the acceptance of these General Sales Conditions. Livraria Lello reserves the right to change these General Sales Conditions without prior notice, and any change will be published on the website [].
By validating an order, the user is accepting these general sales conditions.

3. Information on content
The reproduction, transfer, distribution and storage of contents of the page without prior written authorisation granted by Livraria Lello is forbidden for any purpose other than strictly personal.
Livraria Lello reserves the right to change at any time, the information and commercial offer presented for: products, prices, promotions, commercial and services conditions.
It is expressly forbidden to place links of this website, whatever the purpose might be, without the prior authorisation of Livraria Lello. The use of the domain and all its pages for abusive purpose, without prior authorisation, grants Livraria Lello the right to use competent legal means. We inform that in the event any link is found in other websites allowing the access to the online store, Livraria Lello has no responsibility for the origin of the page nor for their content.
All efforts have been made in order that the present information is free from typographical errors and whenever it happens, Livraria Lello will proceed as soon as possible, to its correction.
All contractual information is written in Portuguese and in English, as well as all the information on the articles, email communications and sales formalisation.

4. Intellectual and Industrial Property
All texts, comments, works, illustrations, books and images reproduced or represented in and/or on the online store, are duly protected by the corresponding copyrights, worldwide. Thus, and under the Copyright Laws and Associated Rights, its use will only be authorised for private purpose, without prejudice to more specific provisions of the mentioned Law. Any total or partial reproduction or representation of the website or all or part of the elements included on this website are strictly forbidden, under penalty of use of the competent legal means against who may act this way, except when tools available on the website are used (i.e.: share the event via Facebook).
Corporate names, brands and any other distinctive sign illustrated on the website are protected under legal provisions applicable to industrial property. The reproduction and representation of all or part of these distinctive signs is strictly forbidden and must be subject to prior written authorisation by the related owners.

5. Liabilities
Livraria Lello cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur due to the use of this website or any other website related to it. Moreover, there is no guarantee the access to this website is uninterrupted or free of errors, virus or any other harmful material and is not subject to complaints, penalisations, damages or expenses that may occur from the use or failure of the website, or even from a non-authorised access or change of the same.
Livraria Lello reserves the right to make changes and corrections, suspend or close this website when appropriate without the need of prior notice to any user.
Livraria Lello doesn’t filter or monitor in advance the content provided by third parties to this website and cannot be held responsible for the screening of any content of this kind. When notified, Livraria Lello can investigate an alleged violation to the Terms and Conditions of Use of the website and can ascertain the information is removed from it.
The user agrees not to convey to this website any illicit content, defamatory, scandalous, or any other content that may constitute a conduct that violate any law. Livraria Lello will work closely with any competent authority for the application of the law which may order the identity disclosure of any person conveying such content.
This disclaimer is not intent to limit the liability of Livraria Lello, neither to exclude its liability where such activity is legally allowed.
In brief:
a) The services provided at are property of Livraria Lello.
b) The Client is held liable to Livraria Lello, for all and any improper use of the Services, which shall be directly attributed, as well as for any violation of these Conditions of Service Use.
c) Livraria Lello offers no guarantees regarding the permanent availability of the Web Service
d) Livraria Lello cannot be held responsible for any failure on the communication network supporting the service, or for any other reason of force majeure, that might cause any kind of failure or delay to any operation the Client is performing in, not being ascribed any damages or financial disadvantage that may arise.
e) Livraria Lello cannot be held responsible to the Client and/or third parties, for any losses or damages that directly or indirectly result from the use of the Service

6. Obligations of Customers and Users
Customers and Users shall undertake to abide by these General Sales Conditions, namely:
1)Refrain from inserting, store and spread defamatory, obscene, offensive, xenophobic content and/or of any other nature in violation to the general principles of law and public order through the website;
2)Save and don’t disseminate your login password to the website in order to avoid third parties accessing your user’s account at;
3)Do not use false identities;
4)Provide personal data and correct addresses so that Livraria Lello is able to correctly process orders made on
It is expressly forbidden to convey offensive, misleading, defamatory, obscene messages or information by users, in some way, in violation to the right to privacy or to intellectual or industrial property of third parties, and the provision of any information that might be harmful to third parties or the owner of the website.
Livraria Lello reserves the right to cancel the account of the user who materialises some of these events.
The Customer is liable for the veracity of the data provided to Livraria Lello and in case of changes of the same, undertakes to insert them immediately at the Livraria Lello Registry Account on the website or any other pages.
Livraria Lello cannot be held responsible for any delay or inability processing the online sale, due to an error or insufficient data provide by the Client.

7. Use and Risk
This website contains links to third party websites, provided solely for users’ convenience and accessibility. Livraria Lello does not endorse the content of any of these third-party websites and is not liable for their content. Accessing and visiting these websites is entirely at the user’s risk.
The user is forbidden to create or insert on this website any kind of virus or software that might damage or contaminate it, or to advise third parties to do so. The offenders will be prosecuted.
Any question that might arise from the Term and Conditions of Use of the website shall be addressed to the head office of Livraria Lello located in R. das Carmelitas, 144 4050-161 Porto, Portugal or via email to

8. Privacy and Protection of Personal Data
Livraria Lello, the entity responsible for the running of this website, takes seriously privacy and protection of the data registered by the users. Livraria Lello’s guarantees their users privacy and safety of the data provided for the different services offered, being only requested and collected the necessary data to provide the service according with the explicit instructions on the website and the user’s options. If you wish, the data owner has the right to obtain access, rectify or cancel the data provided.
In compliance with the Law no. 67/98 of 26th October, on Personal Data Protection, we inform that processing the personal data collected on the website is responsibility of Livraria Lello, SA., with head office in Rua das Carmelitas, nº 144, 4150-161 Porto, (VAT No.) NIPC 503352217 and registered in the Company Registration Office of Oporto under the registration number 51 690.
The data collected on this website is intended for the sales and services and communication with Clients, information request processing and eventual complaints, statistical analysis, and corresponding use for direct marketing.
Livraria Lello guarantees confidentiality of all data provided by their clients. Nevertheless, Livraria Lello collects and processes data in a safe way and prevents its loss or manipulation, using the most developed techniques for that purpose, we inform that the collection of data in open network allows the circulation of personal data without safe and secure conditions, at the risk of being seen and used by unauthorised third parties.
If the client is a registered user at the website, when purchasing though the online store, all data provided (name, email, country, address, zip code, phone number, tax identification number) are used for the sales of goods or services on the online store.
If the customer chooses to purchase without registering (Guest CheckOut), all data provided to process the order (Name, Email, Country, Address, Zip Code, Phone Number, Tax Identification Number) shall not be subject to any data processing and/or storage by Livraria Lello.
All registered clients have the right to access, rectify, cancel or delete their data. If you wish, at any time, you can refrain from being part of Livraria Lello’s database, and you may exercise your right through the following means:
Letter: Livraria Lello, Rua das Carmelitas, 144, 4150-161 Porto
The client expressly authorises Livraria Lello to send information of products and services that may interest the client by using his/her personal data for direct marketing through any communication channel, namely email, SMS, MMS or any other kind of automatic call. Livraria Lello shall not sell nor share its client database with third parties.

9. Use of Cookies by Livraria Lello
Cookies are small text files sent by websites you visit and are stored in your computer. They are widely used for the running of websites, to increase its efficiency, and to provide information to the owners of the websites.
Livraria Lello uses cookies to collect information on how their visitors use their website. We use the information to create reports and to help us improve the website. Cookies collect information anonymously, including the number of visitors, the website the visitor come from and pages they have visited.
Cookie technology help us provide content adapted to the visitors’ interests. Websites giving the possibility to purchase online use cookies to register and process permanent elements of their shopping card. Whenever authorised we can associate personal information to a cookie file under such conditions.
If you do not wish to receive cookies, we can set your computer to warn you every time you receive a cookie file or disable all cookies through its browsing software (browser, such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome). If you disable cookies you might not be able to access some of the above-mentioned features.

10. Goods and Services Availability and Online Sales
Products selection is made in real time. The images of the products available on the website are the most accurate possible, in order to replicate the product in a truly way, as it actually is. Considering that some products are hand-made, there might be some slight differences between the image and the product itself, due to raw material and production process.

10.1.) Voucher
The vouchers available for the online sale are of three different types:
- Voucher online: worth 5€, plus 0,50€ web fee. The amount of 5€ is totally deductible on the purchase of a book in Livraria Lello.
- Online voucher to book a Book: The amount is variable according to the book available for booking, plus 0,50€ of web fee. When visiting the Book Store, the client should go to the information desk to pick up the booked book. If you wish to change the book, you can do that with the booksellers’ team. This kind of voucher shall confer priority to its owner, and the client does not have to queue to enter the Book Store.
- Child voucher: children under the age of 3 (including) shall have a child voucher worth 0€. This voucher is only applicable for children under the age of 3, when accompanied by an adult at the entrance of Livraria Lello. However, upon request, the presentation of a personal identity card is mandatory proofing the age of the child at the entrance of the Book Store.
The purchase will only be completed and confirmed after receiving an email from with the reference and respective(s) voucher(s) attached in pdf. For registered clients (username and password), vouchers will be available at the client reserved area, together with the documents of the transaction.
The online voucher is valid by presenting it at the doorstep to the door assistants of Livraria Lello, printed or digital in pdf. Please, have the proofing document with you, it can be in pdf or in paper, and please show it at the entrance to speed up the entry process.
The amount of each online voucher is deductible on the purchase of 1 (one) book. Only and solely books can be deducted. Merchandising articles cannot be deducted.
The client is liable to always confirm the data on the Confirmation Page, keep the voucher and show it, when at the door entrance, it can be printed or digital in pdf, on the mobile. If the client does not have it with him, he won’t be able to enter. Please, have the proofing document with you, in pdf or in paper, available at the entrance to speed up the entry process.
To all transaction will be added a service fee per voucher, worth 0,50€ included of IVA at the legal rate in force. This service fee is applicable to every purchase made at
Smoking is not permitted in the compound; animals, drinks, food, suitcases, backpacks, strollers, and dangerous objects are not allowed.
Exchanges and returns shall not be performed on vouchers already purchased, unless the visit is cancelled or postponed due to force majeure by Livraria Lello.
Livraria Lello reserves the right to make changes to the kind of products and their price without prior notice.
By purchasing this voucher, you accept all the conditions above described.
The information present in this website has been included on good-will and merely serves as general information, its use is exclusive at the user’s own risk.

10.2.) Means of Payment
We remind that the sales validation of vouchers implies that the Client pays the price.
When purchasing vouchers on the website, the Client may use the following means of payment:
- Visa Credit Card
- MasterCard Credit Card
- PayPal
All payments done with credit card, will be billed on the card once the final validation of the voucher sale is done.

10.3.) Vouchers Delivery
The delivery conditions of vouchers are specific and independent from the delivery conditions of the other products sold on the website
The Client will receive his/her e-vouchers (in PDF sent through email) after the payment is validated.
The client shall print the e-voucher previously sent by Livraria Lello through email or present it in digital format (smartphone or tablet) at the entrance of Livraria Lello.
Safety: e-vouchers printed have a unique bar code. The validity of vouchers is checked and registered at the entrance thanks to a bar code reader. Visitors shall not be allowed at the book store more than once with the same voucher. Voucher replication is forbidden. Only the first person presenting the voucher will be allowed in the Livraria Lello and to use the voucher on a deduction, assuming the legitimate ownership of the voucher.
If you are a registered client (Username and Password) you can access your vouchers by following these steps:
• Access the reserved area "My Account";
• Click on the menu "My Orders", account management area;
• Access the purchase history, select the requested document and click on the button to print all vouchers available.
The Client shall take all the precautionary measures required to keep the confidentiality of the password and to prevent all and any use by unauthorised persons or any infringement.
Livraria Lello cannot be held responsible for failures that may occur during the sales or print process of e-vouchers, for loss, theft, or any illicit use of the purchased voucher.

10.4.) Cancellations, Exchanges and Returns
Once the voucher is purchased, it shall not be exchanged or refunded, except in case of unexpected closure of the Book Store. In case of cancellation, Livraria Lello shall return the amount paid for the vouchers, excluding the cost for the transaction processing.
In case of a refund of the amount of the voucher, reimburse shall only be done to the Client who has purchased the voucher and against the delivery of a print of the e-voucher. No expenses or indemnisation shall be refunded or paid.

11. Professional Area
The website has a reserved area for professionals. The access to this area is allowed according to commercial premises previously established between Livraria Lello and the client company. Livraria Lello reserves the right to admit professional clients to access this platform. All negotiation process shall occur outside the platform, and only the commercial transaction, the current account management and sending documentation shall be reserved to this area at

12. Applicable Legislation
These General Terms and Conditions of use of the online store in are subject to the Portuguese legislation. Any conflict or divergency of interpretation of these conditions shall be brought before the competent Portuguese Court.
If the Client is located outside the continental territory of Portugal, Livraria Lello informs that any legal action shall be submitted to the Portuguese Courts.

13. Contacts
For further enquiry on the service, please contact us at

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