Rentes de Carvalho is the "author of the month" of Livraria Lello

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The "Bookshop of Author" called Livraria Lello devotes the month of May to a national author of international relief. This time it is José Rentes de Carvalho who will orchestrate the highlights of the most beautiful bookstore in the world and has a talk marked with Francisco José Viegas at the Livraria Lello on May 22, Tuesday at 18:00.

There is no need to present one of the most brilliant and disruptive Portuguese writers of our time. José Rentes de Carvalho, 88 years old, will be talking to Francisco José Viegas to share some of his history and bibliography. This is one of the highlights of the works "The Seventh Wave", "Portugal, Flower e Sickle", "The Dutch Lover" and "La Coca", all of them of great importance for national and international readers.
Rentes de Carvalho was born in Vila Nova de Gaia, in the year 1930, completing his studies in Romance Languages and Law at the University of Lisbon. Due to political reasons he was forced to leave Portugal and lived in cities like Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, New York and Paris, having worked in several newspapers. His last stop was to be Amsterdam in 1956, where he collaborated with the Brazilian embassy, Diário Popular and the Portuguese Expresso. On his return to Portugal, José Rentes de Carvalho was awarded with various mentions and decorations for his work as a novelist.
The author of the month of May will be at Livraria Lello in the company of Francisco José Viegas with free admission until the stocking of the room.
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