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Monday, January 14, 2019

Livraria Lello
P.A.O., Public Acquisition Offer to the three first editions of:
Promoter Entity:
Livraria Lello, S.A. (Porto)
Object and Concept:

Livraria Lello announces for the first time in Portugal and in the world a P.A.O. – Public Acquisition Offer – to three first editions of: Os Lusíadas, by Luís Vaz de Camões, Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, by J.K. Rowling, and Gazeta da Restauração, the first portuguese newspaper from 1641.

With this action Livraria Lello intends to raise awareness to books not only as a cultural investment but also a financial one. For instance, the case of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone that costed 10.99£ when it was first published and today can be as valuable as 70 thousand euros.
Livraria Lello also aims with this initiative to increase its estate of rare and antique books and first editions. This estate increase was an eternal ambition that became more intense since the beginning of 2018 with the opening of Sala Gemma, a pearl inside the bookshop filed with rare and collectable books.
The initiative will have a large worldwide media coverage including media partners such as “Euronews” e “TV Record”.

January 13th, 2019

Offered amount: 
Livraria Lello will offer the following amounts for the three books mentioned above:
  • First edition of Os Lusíadas by Luís Vaz de Camões: 250.000,00 euros.
  • First edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: 70.000,00 euros.
  • First edition of Gazeta da Restauração: 1.500 euros.
The amounts mentioned above correspond to the final value to be paid including VAT, taxes and other extraordinary dues.

Who can respond to the Public Acquisition Offer: 
Any legal or physical person (of legal age), portuguese or foreign, if the selling proposal is in the terms of this regulation.

How to present the selling proposal:
 People interested in selling the titles mentioned above should contact the promoting entity through email, using a file transferring service (such as wetransfer) or provide a link to download the files with the following elements:
  • Quality photos of the cover, back cover and inside content
  • Details of the book including provenance and reason(s) for salle
  • Contact details including name, address, valid email address that should be the main email account, telephone/mobile number and the best way for contacting
  • Statement fully accepting (1) the collection and treatment of the personal information mentioned above to the effects of this initiative, (2) the disclosure with no further compensation of the sellers identity as well as if needed his voice and image in every support including, to name a few, on the national and international media in many forms, in digital platforms of the promotor identity or its partners in promoting the PAO (except if there is a valid reason that has to be evaluated by Livraria Lello) and (3) the maintenance of the same details (mailing list) for the communication of Livraria Lello.
The salle proposals should be sent imperatively till 23H59 of March 13th2019.

Evaluation of the presented proposals: 
Proposal received will be previously selected by a Technical Committee of Evaluation specialized in rare and antique books appointed by Livraria Lello. The detainers of the selected salle proposals will contacted so access can be granted to the book.
In case of more than one copy of a book is presented, Livraria Lello has the right to choose only one – the one that most respects the requirements of this regulation according to the Technical Committee.
The evaluation will occur for the period of a month and it will end on April 12th of 2019.

Announcement of the Result: 
The results will be communicated to the public in different moments:
  • May 3rd – World Press Freedom Day: announcement of the results on the Public Acquisition Offer to Gazeta da Restauração;
  • Jun 10th – Portugal/Camões Day and Day of Portuguese Communities: announcement of the results on the Public Acquisition Offer to Os Lusíadas;
  • Jun 31st – Harry Potter’s Anniversary: announcement of the results on the Public Acquisition Offer to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
Technical Committee of Evaluation: 
The Technical Committee of Evaluation consists in:
  • 2 members of Livraria Lello’s Administration
  • 3 librarians: Dr. Silvestre Lacerda, Dr. Sílvio Costa, Drª Inês Cordeiro
  • 1 Antiquarian: Dr. Nuno Gonçalves
  • 1 Jornalist: Germano Silva
The decision of the Technical Committee is final, with no chance for complaint nor appeal.

Evaluation Criteria 
The acquisition of the books depends on the following criteria:
  • To be a first edition
  • To be a first printing
  • The condition of the book being acceptable according to the Technical Committee
To Livraria Lello is reserved the right to not acquire any of the books if the Technical Committee understands that the book doesn’t follow any of the above criteria.

Responsibility of the salle proposal holder: 
Under the submission of the salle proposal the interested party fully accepts every term and condition of the present regulation and guarantees that the salle proposal doesn’t conflict with the interest of a third party, assuming every responsibility for eventual prejudice caused to the promotor entity by the violation of the above mentioned.

Privacy Policy: 
Livraria Lello while promotor entity of the Public Acquisition Offer its responsible for the collection and treatment of personal data made available within this initiative guaranteeing the safety and confidentiality obligated by the current law of personal data protection. The same law respects the right of privacy and doesn’t collect any personal information without asking or explicit consent. On the other hand, assures that the collecting, treatment and protection of personal data will only be made in the context of the Public Acquisition Offer and for the ends related to its implementation and further for disclosure of Livraria Lello’s activities. Guarantees that will not transmit any personal data with any third party to commercial and advertising ends.
The holder of the personal data has the following rights under current law:
The right of access, rectification, elimination, limit to the treatment, portability of data, opposition to a certain treatment of personal data and not being under any decision undertaken exclusively based on automatized treatment of personal information.
For the exercise of the mentioned rights please contact Livraria Lello through the following email:

Invoicing and Payment Terms
The invoicing and payment terms of the selected books for acquisition by the promotor entity will be part of a written agreement between both parties immediately after the decision made by the Technical Committee of Evaluation about the presented proposals.
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