Quarantine Short Stories Book Launch

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Livraria Lello launches book with 

stories written during confinement

The event of the book “The Quarantine Tales” official launch takes place on October 16, at 9:30 pm, and will be broadcast live all over the world, on Facebook at https://bit.ly/36Vaivh and Youtube at https://bit.ly/3lMwMTN. The event marks the return of the “Author of the Month” program at Livraria Lello.

October will thus be the month of six new authors: Hugo Araújo, Márcio Cruzeiro, Mathieu Fleury, Cláudia Barbieri, Frederico Klumb and the double, Helena Correia and Cláudia Fernandes. During the period of confinement resulting from the pandemic of COVID-19, they responded to the challenge of letting their imagination run wild and writing a short story inspired by the exceptional period we are living.

“The Duel”, by Helena Correia and Cláudia Ferreira, “A Brief Account of the Madness of the Christ Child”, by Hugo Araújo, “2 Billions”, by Márcio Cruzeiro, “The Ballad of the Mammal”, by Mathieu Fleury, “The Granddaughters of Bernarda Alba”, by Cláudia Barbieri and “The Cats”, by Frederico Klumb, distinguished themselves among more than 5600 stories participating in the contest ”Quarantine Short Stories”.

The victory, in what was one of the most competitive literary contests ever in the world, earned each of the six authors a monetary prize of € 1,000 and the opportunity to see their creation in this book published by Livraria Lello.

Join us virtually to share unique moments!

More information about the short stories:
“The Ballad of the Mammal” - Mathieu Fleury
“The Granddaughters of Bernarda Alba” - Cláudia Barbieri
“A Brief Account of the Madness of the Christ Child” - Hugo Araújo
“The Duel” - Helena Correia and Cláudia Ferreira
“The Cats” - Frederico Klumb
“2 Billions” - Márcio Cruzeiro

“The Duel” - Helena Correia and Cláudia Ferreira
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