A dystopian narrative, which begins with a major global pandemic, at the end of which more than one hundred million people died and the world succumbed to regimes of exception, installed even in countries that were once democratic and socially balanced. Big cities are now divided into two distinct “ghettos”, one “clean”, where the wealthy and the middle-class people live, and the other “dirty”, in which the majority, the miserable and underprivileged, survive.

In this context, an entity, baptised by its creators “Congregation”, which appeared a few decades ago, initiates a plan to reduce the Earth's population to just two billion, through the mass migration of the remaining five billion to a colony planet, located outside Solar System and already in the process of occupation. It turns out that the great exodus is a planetary genocide.

The protagonist of the plot is a pandemic survivor who spends his life between “clean” and “dirty” cities and at some point could have collaborated to interfere in the plans of the “Congregation”, but he omits himself, only repenting at the end of his life, before what appears to be a deliberate ending.

About The Author - Márcio Cruzeiro

Born in Piracanjuba, in the state of Goiás, Márcio Cruzeiro is currently a documentalist in Earth’s Pastoral Commission - CPT, an organization dedicated to the monitorization and systematization of agrarian conflicts in Brazil, working simultaneously in one of the library units at the Federal University of Goiás.

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