In a phase of joint confinement, a recent couple experiences the tribulations of realising that they will probably have only one thing in common: the difficulty of expressing themselves in each other's presence. This constitutes a serious problem, especially because he is a writer who feeds on silence, and she is a violinist who needs to desecrate that silence.

From a tense stillness to bitterness, from exasperation to an exacerbation of maddening despair, their mutual resentment will spill over from individuals to the arts to which they dedicate themselves. Each of them will use their favorite language trying to annul the other’s, disdain its importance and reduce it to nothing. Hence the inclusion in this story of a small original piece for violin, at a moment in the text where the words would have no place.

This text starts from a poetised, fictional, and ultimately metamorphosed personal experience.
In this age of global scourge that will influence everyone, and in a very plural way, this is a story of two non-conforming individuals, each fighting for the simple right to express themselves in a small common space. These manifestations seem to want to cancel each other out in a duel of symbols.

About The Authors - Helena Correia e Cláudia Fernandes

Helena Correia is a lyrical singer, and studied ancient music, currently living in Birmingham where she attends her master's degree in Vocal Performance. Cláudia Fernandes was born in Lisbon and writes under several pseudonyms.

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