While awaiting his summons to become a research volunteer at a hospital combating COVID-19 in Brazil, a vet was to receive another call. By telephone, Marieta, aged 32, requested he urgently go to her apartment as her cats had been acting strangely during quarantine with one even having attacked her after years of harmonious relationship.

What we then accompany is the account of the vet, who combines the events he witnessed with what Marieta and Francisco, her boyfriend, tell him. With a digressive narrative, but always attentive to the chain of events involving the couple’s animals, the narrator reflects on the very act of writing, the uniqueness of the times - and new ways of understanding them - during the pandemic, ongoing relationships between humans and animals and the similarities between music and literature.

Writing to provide meaning to the strange, almost unbelievable episode with the couple, the narrator discovers how writing is one means of fleeing reality but also a way of encountering belonging and entering into that feeling, that desire and dream sometimes appear as two sides of the same coin in the same way that torpor and wakefulness are also kith and kin. And how literature may provide company right around the clock.

About The Author - Frederico Klumb

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Frederico Klumb graduated in cinema and is currently attending a master's degree in Theory of Literature at UFF.

He participated in anthologies, collaborated with specialised magazines and exhibited his short film “Agharta” at film festivals, such as the Hamburg International Short Film Festival.

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