In the winter of 2019, Ling Wenyi goes to the Wuhan market in search of meat for a romantic dinner.

He is cleft palate, he has four decades of solitude over his shoulders and a questionable hygiene concept. With a green thumb and an unusual ability for floral arrangements he dreams about being a florist.

In an oriental market, buzzing with the typical street vendors of a fast-paced society, the carcass of a pangolin awaits him. A wild animal, illegally haggled, that narrates its story from the whirl of the deep jungle until the wrapping of its dead body in bat droppings and newspaper sheets, deposited in a bag, misfortunately taken home by Ling.

Entering Ling’s personal space, the Pangolin reflects on his circumstances, the two places he has in the world: a small bathroom and his mom’s inherited garden, filled with object stacks that compose his rather small house.

In its final road, the Pangolin has the chance to speak with three poppies inside of a pan, while Ling makes the final commitment with himself to please another in hope of being appreciated by his true value. But a misunderstanding and a cruel outcome will give him the rage necessary to assume his absence of space, intimacy, being, as an absence of air he will spread around the world.

About The Author - Mathieu Fleury

Born in Paris, Mathieu Fleury has a degree in nursing from the University of Algarve and studied drawing, painting, illustration and comics.

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