In the village of Ponte de Lima, there is a place called Penas. In this dome, the contemporary tribulations arrive as muffled murmurs. It is inhabited by Judge Passos, Alvarinho and Graça, the Fradinhos, Rocha and Zé Moleirinho in a bucolic daily routine of days without time.

But a series of brutal and simultaneous changes shake the quietness of this secluded location: Passos uses the ground floor of his residence for local accommodation. Afonso, a young psychologist arriving from Oporto, opens the renovated facilities and starts a relationship of complicity with the old owner. Chico makes an unexpected visit to his parents and warns of the danger of a Chinese conspiracy. Sunday masses are interrupted. The rosary is prayed. Several countrymen fall ill. The place is surrounded. The innocent man, like the Christ Child, enters into madness. A cat stubbornly gazes at the sun.

An answer is needed for such a shamble. And each seeks the consolation of their own explanation according to what they believe and what they can. As a result, the place is irreparably stained. Has its name always been an augury?

About The Author - Hugo Araújo

Born in Ponte de Lima, Hugo Araújo studied psychology at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Porto.

In February 2020 he participated in the Masterclass program, in Antena 1, where he presented the theme “Candidinha”, which is part of his recent musical project: “Ópio do Polvo”.

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