Pinocchio Exhibition

Friday, November 15, 2019
This year, Livraria Lello opens up its treasure chest to explore the amazing and enchanted universe of Pinocchio.

Released for the first time in 1881, on a newspaper – Giornale per I Bambini –, the amazing tale written by Carlo Collodi (1826-1890) was later published as a book in 1883, with the famous title Le Avventure di Pinocchio – Storia di un Burattino and still lives in our collective imaginary.

Everyone knows the special feature of this wooden puppet: his nose grows when he lies. This iconic trait soon became a warning for young children, because the same would happen to them if they didn’t tell the truth.
But Pinocchio’s adventures are so much more than that. They tell us about the power of dreams and that love can overthrow adversity. Geppetto wanted a son and Pinocchio wished to become a real child: dreams really do come true.

Pinocchio is a love story, a tale about believing in dreams, kindness and loyalty – It’s a story about all the things that represent Christmas!
This year, Livraria Lello opens up its treasure chest to explore this amazing and enchanted universe and characters – with its very first edition as the center of this exhibition.

You can see this exhibition from today until January, in the most beautiful Bookshop in the world!
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