• An unprecedented fado for a centenary bookshop 10/18/2018

    An exhibition, a conversation, a concert and a children's story, an ode to the most beautiful bookshop in the world.
    Portuguese Maria do Rosário Pedreira brings her work and her life to Livraria Lello, on October 27 and 28, that will last until World Fado Day, celebrated on November 27, celebrating 7 years since UNESCO declared it what we all already knew to be: Intangible Heritage of Humanity.
  • "Milkman" wins Man Booker Prize 2018 10/17/2018

    Anna Burns is the winner of the 2018 Man Booker Prize. The prize was presented in London in the presence of prize nominees Kazuo Ishiguro, Nobel Prize winner in 2017, Camilla Parker Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall, among other 100 guests. "Milkman" portrays the first-person story of an 18-year-old girl victim of sexual harassment by an Irish paramilitary at the time of the two Irish conflicts.
  • "Inglesa e o Marialva" makes the inverse route of Clara Macedo Cabral 10/15/2018

    Living in England since 2005, Clara Macedo Cabral presents her fifth book in her home country. Livraria Lello is first bookshop to receive the this new novel from book publisher Casa das Letras. The presentation happens October 19, at 18:00, in Livraria Lello, “Living Voices”.
  • Spanish culture in Livraria Lello's special day 10/10/2018

    The Spanish community celebrates their Fieas Nacional de España next October 12th. Livraria Lello's doors will open for one more moment with highlighted books with presence of Aleix Garau Montané, from General Consul of Spain, at 9:30 am. 
  • Holocaust survivors inspired "Os Dez Espelhos de Benjamin Zarco" 10/8/2018

    Richard Zimler returns to Livraria Lello to present his most recent work Os Dez Espelhos de Benjamin Zarco. The Livraria Lello’s basement wil receive this session on October 14, 5:00 pm. 
  • The Little Prince and Doomed Love highlighted in Livraria Lello 10/4/2018

    Two different authors have reached the real-imaginary of Livraria Lello. Saint-Exupéry and Camilo Castelo Branco are the highlited authors with to exhibitions inside of the most beautiful bookshop in the world with their most famous works: The Little Prince and Doomed Love. This two exhibitions are inside of Livraria Lello till November 15. 
  • Young Gabriela de Sousa presents her new book in Livraria Lello 9/21/2018

    There is a new book presentation at Livraria Lello. On September 28, at 18:00, Nassalete Miranda opens the session of "Flor de Sal" by young writer Gabriela de Sousa.
  • Much more than a Nobel, the great prize for Lobo Antunes is La Pléiade 9/17/2018

    There is a second Portuguese writer to enter for restricted La Pléiade. After Fernando Pessoa in 2001 comes out António Lobo Antunes, who received the news last Tuesday, September 12, claiming to be this "prize" better than a Nobel.
  • Attention, attention, the train with Hogwarts' destination will leave the station 9/10/2018

    Livraria Lello will discover parts of the Harry Potter's JK Rowling saga with a train trip around Porto. The Potterheads' Train will leave the station next 14 of September to search for spots that inspired JK Rowling to write Harry Potter.
  • More than a thousand books find new readers every day at Livraria Lello 9/7/2018

    The numbers do not deceive. More than a 1000 books leave the shelves of Livraria Lello every day in the readers’ hands from more than 70 countries. In July they were more than 1200 per day. Spain, France and United States of America are some of the countries who acquired more literary works of Portuguese writers in Portuguese or translated in other languages. There are also curious Portuguese-speaking people who are enthusiastic about their countrymen, with the Portuguese and Brazilians (re)discovering some of their best writers in Livraria Lello.
  • Alternative Nobel Prize has presented 2018 shortlist 9/6/2018

    Haruki Mrakami, Kim Thúy, Maryse Condé and Neil Gaiman are on the final list for alternative Nobel Prize 2018. After the shocking news about literature Nobel commission last year, there are an independent group to select the “alternative” Nobel Prize in Swedish academy. The winner will be announced in October 12.
  • Transatlantic journey through Brazilian Day in Livraria Lello 9/4/2018

    Usually Livraria Lello promotes national days of several countries with the intention of honoring visitors and readers who visit the historic bookshop. Brazil will be no exception and it presents an intense program and with several activities and books this Friday, September 7, between the 9:30 and the 21:00.
  • Livraria Lello moved to Barcelona. But only temporarily 8/20/2018

    An old and famous bookshop in Portugal travelled to Barcelona to changed a entire street view. Between 17th and 20th August it is possible to appreciate (and vote) the installation of Joan Blanques de Baix de Tot's residents for Festa Major de Gràcia 2018 of Livraria Lello.
  • July numbers of Livraria Lello make this a great exporter of Portuguese culture 8/3/2018

    The historic street shop becomes an example of exporting Portuguese culture - and not only - nationally and internationally. Livraria Lello has reached to a historical numbers of visitors and sold books.
  • The Man Booker prize shortlist is already known 8/1/2018

    To celebrate 50 years of existence, Britain's biggest literary award has just released the 13 finalists of the 2018 edition. As a milestone of this five decades of existence, Michael Ondaatje's book "The English Patient" (1992) was also awarded with the Golden Man Booker.
  • Happy birthday, Harry Potter! 7/30/2018

    The most famous wizard in the world is to turning 38. Harry Potter celebrates on this July 31, the same date as he's creator JK Rolling.
  • Livraria Lello celebrates Grandparents Day 7/24/2018

    Livraria Lello wants to celebrate the Grandparents Day. On July 26 there are featured children's stories and a fado concert at "Vozes Vivas" for kids and adults.
  • The July of Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen 7/6/2018

    Livraria Lello dedicates the month of July to one of the greatest poets of the Portuguese language. Sophia de Mello Breyner was one of the most important Portuguese writers of the 20th century, being the first woman to receive the Camões Prize in 1999.
  • The new "Wrapping Skin" of Livraria Lello is autographed by Rute Rosas 7/5/2018

    Rute Rosas is returning to Livraria Lello for another signing session on his "Wrapping Skin". The artist from Porto marks the meeting point with the historic bookshop on July 8, between 15:30 and 17:30.
  • After two triumphant months, Miró stays on Livraria Lello until the end of Summer 7/4/2018

    Exhibition "Artistic Forms - Illustrated Books of Joan Miró" extended for another three months, until September 30, 2018.
  • Livraria Lello celebrates american culture on this Fourth of July 7/4/2018

    From Edgar Allan Poe to Prince, from Bob Dylan to Stephen King, there are many authors that the United States of America has already exported. Livraria Lello emphasizes these important figures of American culture on their big day, The Independence Day.
  • Livraria Lello opens the doors to Adriana Calcanhotto for another one spoken concert 6/22/2018

    On June 29, at 9.30 pm, Adriana Calcanhotto will give a spoken concert, where she will sing her stories, poems and stories, be they talking about love; or lack thereof.
  • Livraria Lello welcomes summer with UK featured 6/19/2018

    Books, music and readings are ready for the celebration of the Day of the United Kingdom in the city of Porto. With the presence of the British Ambassador to the United Kingdom in Portugal, Livraria Lello presents, from 17:30, readings of excerpts from the work of J.K. Rowling by the voices of British Council students. The readings were attended by Mrs. British Ambassador to the United Kingdom in Portugal, Ms. Kirsty Hayes.
  • From Portugal to Italy: There are "Words against the Flames" that devastated the two countries in the summer of 2017 6/12/2018

    Livraria Lello welcomes solidarity initiative that unites Portugal and Italy on June 16, Saturday, at 15:30. Rui Spranger is the voice chosen by Livraria Lello to join the dozens of initiatives spread by the two European countries seriously affected by the fires of 2017.
  • Between "The Arms and the Barons" of Livraria Lello, Camões exult Portugal and the Portuguese Language 6/7/2018

    Luís Vaz de Camões will be the biggest celebration of the next Day of Portugal. On June 10, there is also Portuguese literature featured in the Livraria Lello and the flesh and blood presence of Camões and Fernando Pessoa.
  • "Eu sou, eu sei" in the Magic Tale of June 6/5/2018

    Livraria Lello goes back to the imagination of the youngest on two Sundays of a new month. On June 10th and 17th, Ana Pessoa's book "Eu sei, eu sou" (Planeta Tangerina) is read between 11:30 and 12:30 in the new space of the most beautiful bookshop in the world.
  • Livraria Lello makes the bridge with Italy on a new bookshop event 5/30/2018

    To celebrate the most important date of the Italian Republic, Livraria Lello wants to highlight a little of its culture on this June 2nd. From 10:00 there is music and poetry in the most beautiful bookstore in the world.
  • 100.000 people have already seen and read Miró in Livraria Lello 5/28/2018

    Since 28 April 2018 it is possible to discover rare works by Joan Miró on the top floor of the Livraria Lello. These illustrated books are part of the documentary collection of the author's family and will be shown in the Livraria Lello until June 30.
  • Livraria Lello open a new children's place in their world day 5/28/2018

    The world of fantasy is coming to the Livraria Lello, the bookstore for all readers, even of those who are just now beginning to gather the letters and realize that behind them are words full of mystery and revelations.
  • Rita Ferro has new novel on the Livraria Lello agenda 5/21/2018

    Writer Rita Ferro has a new novel in the Livraria's Lello release schedule. "A Lover in Porto" is scheduled to launch on May 24, Thursday, at 6:00 pm, in the cave of Livraria Lello.
  • Rute Rosas shows "Wrapping Skin" in the shop windows of the Livraria Lello 5/16/2018

    Rute Rosas is the artist invited by Livraria Lello to embrace a new season of its shop windows. "Pele de Embrulho" is an installation that will be evident in this historic space until June 30, 2018.
  • Rentes de Carvalho is the "author of the month" of Livraria Lello 5/16/2018

    The "Bookshop of Author" called Livraria Lello devotes the month of May to a national author of international relief. This time it is José Rentes de Carvalho who will orchestrate the highlights of the most beautiful bookstore in the world and has a talk marked with Francisco José Viegas at the Livraria Lello on May 22, Tuesday at 18:00.
  • "Do not Read This on a Plane" shot at Livraria Lello 5/10/2018

    For the second time in its history Livraria Lello opened the doors to a cinematographic production. After shooting the comedy of Jô Soares "The Xango of Baker Street" behold the Bookshop serves as the backdrop for another international film.
  • The Telegraph shows Livraria Lello as the Most Beautiful Bookshop in the World 10/12/2017
  • CNN - 20 reasons to love Porto 7/12/2017
  • The world's greatest bookshops 6/19/2017
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