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Mensagem, by Fernando Pessoa 
1934 (5.500€)

Fernando Pessoa is known by his vast opus with multiple voices, but one book stands out: Mensagem.
It was published on December 1st, 1934 and became the first book awarded the Antero de Quental Prize for Poetry, established by the Portuguese Government.

The book includes 44 poems, written in different time periods, that celebrate, as a whole, the glory of Portugal, its heroes and myths: the dream of the “Fifth Empire”.
There are only 600 copies known of this first edition, which, adding up to its small size and paperback format, makes it hard to find one in an immaculate state of preservation, increasing its rarity.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll
1932-1935 (7.500€)

Alice, the famous and immortal character created by Lewis Carroll (1832-1898) in 1865, was inspired by a real child.
Lewis Carroll met Alice Liddell (1852-1943) when she was still a child, the daughter of the Oxford University Christ Church’s dean. The writer, that studied and worked there, was known for his great ability to deal with children, and soon was enchanted by the young Alice, creating stories with her as main character.

The books presented here were part of a limited numbered edition, signed by the true “Alice”: Alice Hargreaves (her new signature after marrying Reginald Hargreaves). 
This was a 1500 copies print-run. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is the number 675 and Alice Through the Looking Glass is number 1378.

Kodak, by Herberto Helder 
1984 (2.800€)

Published in 1984, Kodak shares a poem by Herberto Helder (1930-2015) through the eyes of the visual artist João Vieira (1934-2009), bringing together two of the most prominent figures of the Portuguese artistic culture of the second half of the 20th century.

This edition includes six prints by the painter, two in full colour and four in sepia. We can find these last ones overlaid by an acetate paper with the written poem on it. This edition had three print-runs: 150 in Arabic numerals, 30 in Roman numerals and 20 hors commerce prints, with Roman numerals, out of the market.
It also includes a catalogue, dedicated to João Vieira, of the exhibit in Galeria Altamira (Lisbon), that joined all the works involved in the creation of Kodak.

The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 
1943 (18.000€)

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry published his famous masterpiece, The Little Prince, in 1943, when he was a war refugee, hiding from the nazis in New York. This is why the first ever known edition is in English.

Only one year after the publication, the author’s plane, the Lockheed P-38, mysteriously disappeared at the Mediterranean when he was on a mission at the south of France. There were only 525 copies printed, which makes the few signed books extremely rare.

The Impossible Collection of Jewelry, Assouline 
2013 (815€)

On this Assouline edition, Vivienne Becker, award-winning historian and jewelry expert, presents one hundred iconic pieces that reflect the evolution of jewelry design from Art Nouveau to the beginning of the XXI century.

The author curated this Impossible Collection inspired on works by renown brands and artists, such as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Alexandre Reza and Tiffany & Co.
A special hand-bound limited edition, filled with illustrations, revealing a profound passion and knowledge about the art of jewelry.

Maria By Callas, Assouline 
2016 (195€)

This album has its roots on Tom Volf’s fascination by Maria Callas (1923-1977) and it explores the perspective of those who were closest to her. The filmmaker travelled all over the world to interview those who met the artist, sharing images never seen before, including photographs from Maria Callas’ own albums.

Among the voices that share their experience, Nadia Stancioff and the Maestro Georges Prête (1924-2017) stand out because it’s the first time they publicly talk about the life and work of the artist.
Maria by Callas is the product of a hardworking investigation and gives us a whole new echo of the artist’s voice.
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