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Restoration - 2017

Livraria Lello: 112 years of reading
From 1906 to 2018 means over 40 thousand days of reading and providing reading material.

In these almost one million hours, we’ve undergone an intense journey as a nation. A journey from a place where only some were able to read – and always on well printed paper – to a place where everyone reads, in letters with all kinds of fonts, colours and formats.

Between one place and the other, there’s another place that’s been a privileged passenger on this journey and is a mainstay of the collective memory of where we’ve come from and where we’re going. Or rather, of who we are. This place is called a book, and we are its home. We, the readers and we, Livraria Lello.

We feel, and we are, a totally fulfilled bookshop. Fulfilled because we have the pleasure of being visited, every day, by thousands of visitors from all over the world. Visitors who, with every visit, leave us with wonder in their eyes and, in their hands, a book as testimony to what is internationally recognised as one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world.

The timeless heritage of Livraria Lello is therefore more alive, more inhabited and more dynamic than ever. Livraria Lello has been a happy place. Happy because, in constant and perfect synchrony with its time, it has lived for 112 years with books and happy readers and has mapped out the conditions to live for another 112 years focused on it mission: to give more to Read to more Readers.

In 2018, which we hope will be a happy year, we are celebrating these 112 years.
The most beautiful way to do this is to show how we will continue, for the next 112 years, to be a meeting point, in Porto and from Porto, for all readers with all Books. In our language, which we love; and taking the literature we also love to the language of many, who come from the four corners of the world to honor us with their wondrous gaze.

This Bookshop is the encounter of Books and Readers that can only celebrate 112 years in one way: by renewing its heart and the reason for being the chosen place for this happy encounter. It’s this renewal we invite you to experience with us, joining your heart and your reason to ours.

Through exhibitions, theater, music, sculpture and, of course, literature, Livraria Lello conveys the experience of the same splendor with which, precisely 112 years ago, it dazzled all those who feel the book to be worthy of the most beautiful of homes.

From today, this house is opening to the public new spaces in the Livraria Lello we’ve always known. Spaces redeemed from invisibility and revealed for everyone to enjoy after the completion of a huge and rigorous restoration programme. A year ago, it started with a façade restored to its original colours and stained glass, and ended in a global investment of two million euros, renovating the entire interior of the monumental icon the whole world now recognises as one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world: your Livraria Lello.

Because there’s no better way of celebrating 112 years than to prepare the next 112 years with quality, thoroughness and ambition. And to celebrate it with those who are dearest to us, our Friends. That’s why we’re so happy to have you with us. Because we know we’ll be together again tomorrow. And the day after. And the day after that.

Aurora Pedro Pinto
Livraria Lello
Board Chairman

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