Livraria Lello Today

From 1906 until the present day, Livraria Lello has been recognized internationally as one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world.

Visited everyday by thousands of people from around the world, Livraria Lello’s cultural heritage is in constant and perfect synchrony with its time, being more alive, more inhabited and more dynamic than ever.
Focused on its mission of giving more to read to more readers, Livraria Lello seeks to be a meeting point in Oporto and from Oporto, to every literature enthusiast.

A bookshop of encounters between the Book and the Reader would have to express through its space the essence of literature, but also the essence of the city where it grew up – Oporto. By renovating its building, Livraria Lello sought to express the same splendour with which, in 1906, dazzled all the literature enthusiasts.

Concluded the program of rigorous refurbishment in 2017, the new house reveals a façade restored in its original colours, the impressive stained glass that, after being carefully removed of its structure for the first time, received an extensive repair and cleansing, and it also reveals an interior with better conditions and new spaces for optimizing the experience of the visitor.

Livraria Lello now offers new spaces to its visitors. Located in the bookshop’s basement now exists a space dedicated to reflection and cultural intervention, where authors, artists and culture enthusiasts are able to dialogue and produce culture. This place hosts a programme called Living Voices, organizing cultural and artistic events in the fields of literature, theatre, cinema and ideological debate.

One of Livraria Lello’s missions is to create and preserve its collection, which represents a significant investment for the bookshop. Thus, it was created Gemma, a space dedicated to the cult of books. 
Once inside Gemma, visitors can find Livraria Lello’s vast collection, consisting of important first editions, editions signed by their authors, rare books and recent editions of luxury books.
A book is an investment, not only for its content or potential value, but also for the feelings it awakens.
Livraria Lello also inaugurated a space dedicated to a young audience, a fantasy world of fairy tales, where the book fairy visits the children to tell them incredible stories.

Today, Livraria Lello, besides being one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world, it is also a cultural fulfilling space, it is the house of encounters between every reader, culture and literature.

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