Livraria Lello moved to Barcelona. But only temporarily

Monday, August 20, 2018

An old and famous bookshop in Portugal travelled to Barcelona to changed a entire street view. Between 17th and 20th August it is possible to appreciate (and vote) the installation of Joan Blanques de Baix de Tot's residents for Festa Major de Gràcia 2018 of Livraria Lello.

Not only Livraria Lello inspired JK Rowling but also the residents of Carrer Joan Blanques de Baix de Tot in Gràcia neighborhood. Once you cross the "door" with Livraria Lello facade of the street you come to a huge reading space, with thousands of books to fill the walls, old and new stories, maps of different corners of the world and parchments that promise to marvel visitors.

On the ceiling, a representation of the stunning stained glass of the Lello Bookstore, and in the background the imposing red staircase. Going up its steps, it is possible to contemplate the whole street, which today is Livraria Lello in Catalan's lands.

The street decoration of the Livraria Lello in Barcelona is the responsibility of Joan Blanques de Baix de Tot who wanted to take the Port and the Livraria Lello to Barcelona.

The vote for the best decoration of this year's Festa Major de Gracia runs through August 20 through an app that can be downloaded from the organization's website: Each person can only vote once. The winner will be announced on August 21, at the headquarters of the Festa Major de Gracia.
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