Joel Cleto Interview

Monday, December 23, 2019
Livraria Lello talked with Joel Cleto, during his new book presentation.

On December 19th, Livraria Lello had the opportunity to talk to Archaeologist and Historian Joel Cleto, who chose the most beautiful Bookshop in the world to present his new book "Lendas de Natal".

In this truly Christmas book, sacred and profane blend together, and the immateriality of traditional legends and narratives emerge in a privileged way.
The interview took place at Vozes Vivas room of Livraria Lello, and was recorded in audio and later transcribed.

Livraria Lello (LL): Hello Joel, welcome to Livraria Lello! Why did you choose this space to present this new book?
Joel Cleto (JC): Well, Lello is not only a city institution but also a cathedral of books and culture in Porto. For this reason alone, it would be a great privilege to have the presentation of the book “Lendas de Natal” at Livraria Lello. On the other hand, this is a book about Christmas legends and this is a magical space, without referencing the eventual Harry Potter correlations, this is a city magic space, just like Christmas. This new book is the kind of book that required a presentation in an exceptional, beautiful, magical, colourful space!

LL: If you had to describe Livraria Lello in just one word, which one would you pick and why?
JC: Heritage. Heritage in the sense that, not only because this property is classified, not only because it is a monument of enormous artistic value, but also "Heritage" in the sense that the Bookshop is part of the identity of the city and is something we have received and want to perpetrate for the future.

LL: Thank you very much, Joel Cleto!
JC: Thank you!

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