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Monday, April 15, 2019
The author Inês Cardoso was at Livraria Lello to present her new children's book.

On 14th March of 2019, the author Inês Cardoso was at Livraria Lello to present her new children's book "De Londres ao Porto numa Gaivota" (From London to Oporto on a Seagull).

Livraria Lello did not miss this opportunity to have a conversation with the author, accompanied by the book illustrator Rita M. Pereira.

Inês Cardoso, mother of two, journalist and current deputy director of Jornal de Notícias, is a chronicler and author of several children's books, such as "Venci-te, Jeremias!" and "Letras Caídas".

This interview was recorded in audiovisual format and transcribed in full.:

Livraria Lello (LL): Hello Inês, welcome to Livraria Lello! Why did you choose Livraria Lello for the presentation of your new book?

Inês Cardoso (IC): Livraria Lello is a monument, an institution, a homage to the book. It is already a space known and visited by people all over the world. Therefore, to make the seagull fly, we needed to have space with the beauty and the historical value that Livraria Lello has.
LL: With the hectic life that you have, mother of two kids, JN's deputy director, chronicler ... How did you get time to write another book? 
IC: My biggest inspiration and the reason that I write these books is definitely my children. Since they were little, they were always asking me to create new stories at night before bed. I read them books, but they always preferred when I invented stories.
This challenge made me try to imagine details and different things to tell them. They, as children that they are, are very critical and since they were little, they said mother this story was not funny at all, and I think that was from there that I was experimenting this world. Also, this story was a long time inside the drawer, until I signed up for a literature contest in Trofa, and by winning, I began to realize that stories could become a more serious subject.
Thanks to their support and their inspiration, to this challenge’s, stories are born and when I think that they worth it, they end up in the role.

LL: In this case, "De Londres ao Porto numa Gaivota", how long did it take to create this story?

IC: It is not easy to answer this question because, as a rule, and as in the process of the three books I have already edited, the stories begin to "walk" like ideas or phrases in my head and sometimes they keep a long time there! When they started to have a shape and become mature is when I move to the writing phase, which sometimes is very fast, about two or three nights.
The writing phase is relatively fast, the whole journey up there is what takes longer.

LL: When you are at the writing phase, can you already imagine what the book illustration will look like?

IC: Yes, sometimes. The part of whether is going to be a colored universe or not. For example, in (the book) “Jeremias” looked darker, scarier, and I’ve imagined it previously, so I tried to exchange some ideas with the author of the illustrations.
Overall, I rely on the concept and ideas of illustrators, and when I invite someone to illustrate my books, it’s because I already know their work.
With this book, when I spoke with Rita, it was lucky that she said yes. I knew her work and, in a way, I could already imagine what might come of it. It is based on this kind of relationship that I usually work.
LL: Thank you very much, Inês.

On March 24th, Inês Cardoso was also present at the Hora do Conto at Livraria Lello, a moment where children’s stories are read, and this time was the turn of her new book "De Londres ao Porto numa Gaivota". The author also answered some questions and interacted with our audience.
Hora do Conto is a moment dedicated to the youngest, where children's stories are read every Sunday, with free entrance in Livraria Lello.
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