Holocaust survivors inspired "Os Dez Espelhos de Benjamin Zarco"

Monday, October 8, 2018

Richard Zimler returns to Livraria Lello to present his most recent work Os Dez Espelhos de Benjamin Zarco. The Livraria Lello’s basement wil receive this session on October 14, 5:00 pm. 

Os Dez Espelhos de Benjamin Zarco (The Ten Mirrors of Benjamin Zarco) is the 11th book by Richard Zimler who already has translations of his work in 23 languages. Currently the award-winning Portuguese-American writer is living in Porto, where he taught for 16 years, and is one of the authors most cherished by the public.

On this new novel the story happens with two young boys who survived to Nazi extermination. Running out from holocaust cousins Benjamin and Shelly refuse to talk about how they succeeded in doing so, taking refuge, each in their own way, in the emptiness of the past. These subterfuges are being discovered by your family, friends and even the reader. A deeply moving and redeeming novel with unforgettable characters. An ode to solidarity, to heroism and the kind of love that can overcome all barriers, temporal and geographical.

Constructed as a mosaic and divided into six pieces, Os Dez Espelhos de Benjamin Zarco is interwoven between 1944, with the story of Ewa Armbruster, a Christian piano teacher who risked her life to hide Benni in her home, and in 2018, with the testimony of Benjamin's son about Berekiah Zarco's manuscript, his father's inheritance, perhaps the key to understanding why Benjamin and Shelly were saved and the unique bond that unites them.

The session will have free entry until the space is filled.
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