Today we Celebrate José Saramago's Birthday

Friday, November 16, 2018
Today the only Portuguese author who won a Literature Nobel Prize, José Saramago, would celebrate today his 96th birthday. José Saramago was one of the most celebrated Portuguese writers of the 20th century, having left his unique mark and writing style with such important works such as "Baltasar and Blimunda", "The Stone Raft" and "Blindness".

Born in the Ribatejo town of Azinhaga, José always showed a strong social ideal, injecting harsh social criticism to the Portuguese society on his prose. Known for his fervescent atheism and iberism (the idea that Portugal and Spain should unite under one government), he fought all his life for his ideas and for the art of writing. In 1995 he was awarded with Luís Camões Literary Award, the most prestigious literary prize in Portugal, and three years later he received the Literature Nobel Prize, being the only Portuguese who ever received such a distinction.

Another important piece of art, created not by José, but about his life was the production of a documentary about his life and his relationship with his wife, Pilar Del Rio: "José and Pilar", was directed by Miguel Gonçalves and debuted in 2010 winning several awards.

Even though José Saramago is no longer with us, it is never too much to remember one of the greatest Portuguese authors, and so today we celebrate and honour José Saramago's life.
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