The Golden Book, which is reserved for the most special moments of the century old Livraria Lello, holds unique testimonies from some of the most remarkable personalities who visited the Most Beautiful Bookshop in the World.

Since 1906 to the present, the Golden Book embraces 115 years of devotion to books and to culture, revealing a bookshop always ahead of its time, and aligned with the most progressive thinkers. Guerra Junqueiro, Abel Botelho, Bento Carqueja or, more recently, Suzy Menkes, Eduardo Lourenço, Harrison Ford and Edgar Morin were some of the figures who signed their names in this iconic book.

Thereby, 115 Golden Years tells the journey of Livraria Lello through the words of those who are also part of its history, leaving blank pages so that new paths and dreams can continue to be written for – at least – another 115 years.

GUERRA JUNQUEIRO | Portuguese writer and politician


ABEL BOTELHO | Portuguese writer and politician


AFONSO COSTA | Portuguese politician


BENTO CARQUEJA | Portuguese journalist, Professor and writer


JOÃO GRAVE | Portuguese writer and journalist


ROCHA PEIXOTO | Portuguese archaeologist and ethnologist


TEIXEIRA DE PASCOAES | Portuguese philosopher and writer


AFRÂNIO PEIXOTO | Brazilian doctor, politician, and writer


DIOGO FREITAS DO AMARAL | Portuguese politician and Professor
MARIA JOSÉ FREITAS DO AMARAL | Portuguese writer and literary critic

Muitos parabéns pelo que fizeram até hoje – e muita coragem para o futuro! 

Congratulations on what you have done so far – and much courage for the future!

MARIA BARROSO | Portuguese politician, activist and actress


AGUSTINA BESSA-LUÍS | Portuguese writer

Entrei nesta casa com dezassete anos e um manuscrito na mão. Discreta, pensativa de sucessos que demoraram uma eternidade a conseguir. Estas paredes e estantes dizem-me o que só os que leem e os que escrevem sabem ouvir.

I entered this house at the age of seventeen holding a manuscript in my hands. I was discreet, reflecting on the successes to achieve. These walls and these bookshelves tell me what only those who read and write can hear.

JOSÉ SASPORTES | Portuguese politician. Minister of Culture from 2000 to 2001

2001. A festa da cultura na Lello é todos os dias, neste nosso século, […] para glória do Porto, e de quantos ao longo dos anos aqui escreveram o Livro.

2001. At Livraria Lello the celebration of culture is everyday in this century, […] for the glory of Porto and of those who have written the Book.


Knowledge deserves a beautiful home, this is it…

PILAR DEL RÍO | Spanish journalist and writer. President of José Saramago Foundation.

Escribió José Saramago que sempre llegamos a donde nos esperan. Al corazón de los leitores. Sin duda, la librería Lello. También llamada el paraíso de los libros. Emocionada, con cariño y gratitud.

José Saramago wrote that we always arrive where we are expected. To the hearts of readers. Without a doubt Livraria Lello. Also called the paradise of books. Thrilled, with affection and gratitude.

SYLVIA WHITMAN e DAVID DELANNET | Owners of the French bookshop Shakespeare and Company

The Bookshops! Lighthouses in the world.
With gratitude for bringing us together.

LIBRERÍA ACQUA ALTA | Bookshop in Venice (Italy)

Books are our bricks, keep building culture!

AUGUSTO SANTOS SILVA | Portuguese Professor and politician. Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Sem literatura não haveria cultura. Sem editores e livrarias não haveria literatura. E sem cultura não haveria nação. Por isso, muito obrigado à Livraria Lello!

Without literature we would not have culture. Without publishers we would not have literature. Without culture we would not have a national identity. Therefore, thanks to Livraria Lello!

JOAN PUNYET MIRÓ | Spanish musician and artist. Grandson of the painter Joan Miró. President of Successió Miró

Miró y música, Miró y poesía, Miró y Lello cohabitan bajo las constelaciones de Portugal, donde Pessoa y Saramago han conquistado el epicentro de la inspiración…

Miró and music, Miró and poetry, Miró and Lello live together under the constellations of Portugal, where Pessoa and Saramago won the epicenter of the inspiration...

LAURA RESTREPO | Colombian writer

Porque en la Librería Lello se puede leer, y conversar, y rezar. Feliz aniversario!

Because at Livraria Lello we can read, and talk, and pray. Happy birthday!

SUZY MENKES | British journalist and fashion critic

True love of books means that they will never die.

GRAÇA FONSECA | Portuguese politician and sociologist. Minister of Culture

A Livraria Lello é uma joia cultural do nosso país. Há mais de 100 anos preserva a nossa história, conta a nossa identidade, guarda o passado e projeta o futuro.

Livraria Lello is a cultural treasure of our country. For more than 100 years it has been preserving our history, telling our identity, keeping the past, and drawing the future.

EDGAR MORIN | French philosopher and sociologist

A la librairie Lello qui mi a fait le amitie di accueillir mes livres avec mon remercierent.

I thank Livraria Lello for the friendship of receiving my books.

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