Livraria Lello's "The Sweetness of Books" by Cabrita

Thursday, January 9, 2020
Livraria Lello celebrates 114 years, and lives today as if it were tomorrow!

“The Sweetness of Books” is the sculpture that Pedro Cabrita Reis will be sharing with Livraria Lello for its 114 years. A sculpture which is also a birthday cake, whose epicenter are books, objects around which we circulate since 1906.

Regarding Cabrita’s sculpture for Livraria Lello’s anniversary, Serralves Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art wrote:

 “For Livraria Lello’s birthday, the artist designed an ephemeral piece, which simultaneously recalls that books were meant to be digested (literally, we’ll get there) and that their material existence is precarious: book-shaped cakes, on display on bookshelves before being appreciated by the celebration’s guests”, said the Management of Museum Serralves.

12 pm - Opening to the public; free entrance.
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