100.000 people have already seen and read Miró in Livraria Lello

Monday, May 28, 2018

Since 28 April 2018 it is possible to discover rare works by Joan Miró on the top floor of the Livraria Lello. These illustrated books are part of the documentary collection of the author's family and will be shown in the Livraria Lello until June 30.

"Formas artísticas: livros ilustrados por Joan Miró" presents a fascinating journey through illustrated books throughout the XX century with the most important writers of his time, always privileging the poetry that he reinterpreted plastically through engravings or lithographs. This intertextual and artistic dialogue available in the most beautiful bookstore in the world is curated by Joan Punyet Miró, grandson of the surrealist painter, and Successió Miró.

For the first time in Portugal, this collection shows rare editions of original graphic works, signed and numbered by the Catalan artist and that have already been seen by more than 100 thousand curious looks in the Livraria Lello. Among the usual readers of bookshop, there were also admirers of the Spanish painter who purposely moved to this beautiful place in Porto to observe a collection little seen by the general public.

The best Books, the best of books and Books that Miró illustrated for being the most precious, will continue until June 30 in the eyes of everyone, in the bookshop of all readers and all authors, Livraria Lello.
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